Restorative Auroville

Restorative Auroville is an independent project that aims to bring the practice of Restorative Circles, a holistic, community-based form of conflict resolution, to Auroville, and to explore what a consciously designed justice system could look like here – one that reflects our ideals, but that is also effective and has the power to bring about constructive change, both on the individual and community levels.

Workshops & Events

We offer regular learning opportunities through workshops and practice groups, in person and online. And from time to time, we also organize cool community-based events! Join us!
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Get Involved Today…

Volunteer & Apprentice

Would you like to immerse yourself in this work and learn by doing? We’re looking for support!

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Passion is what drives our project, and financial support would allow our passion to manifest even more powerfully! Please consider donating.

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Be Our Film

We’re wanting to film a live Circle and to share this work with the rest of the world. Would you like that Circle to be yours?

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The Power of Dialogue

We offer this video series as an opportunity for you to journey along with our journey. Restorative Circles is still very new to the world, and learning material and resources are somewhat limited. So here’s our attempt to celebrate this body of work and to offer back a few nuggets from our unfolding journey.
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Teachers at Aikiyam School are
inspired by Restorative Circles!
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Bringing RC to You!

In our aim to bring about a cultural shift in Auroville and how we engage with conflict, we’re hoping to bring RC and its principles to different groups in the community.

We invite any Working Groups, commercial Units, Services, schools and residential communities that are interested in learning more to reach out, so that we can design a training series together and/or look at how to collaborate.
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Who Are We?

We're a small group of people passionate about human connection and committed to walking towards increased community resilience. We lead the larger Restorative Auroville project, we facilitate Circles, some of us teach, some of us run our different initiatives, and more. And we’re wanting to expand our team and our reach within the community.
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Core Team

Core Team