Our Project

Restorative Auroville is an independent project that aims to bring the practice of Restorative Circles, a holistic, community-based form of conflict resolution, to Auroville, and to explore what a consciously designed justice system could look like here – one that reflects our ideals, but that is also effective and has the power to bring about constructive change, both on the individual and collective levels.

After having studied and practiced the Restorative Cirlces (RC) process for 5 years, we officially launched Restorative Auroville as a public service in Auroville in September 2015. Because much of this work depends on how it’s received in the community, its growth is organic and we don’t know exactly where it will lead us and how long it will take…

As RC is a process that engages the community as an essential part of resolving conflicts, we trust that it’ll offer a way forward and support a shift in how we hold space for conflict and transformation.

At present, RC is offered as part of Auroville’s Conflict Resolution Policy (in addition to Mediation, Arbitration, the Appeal Process, etc). However, our long-term dream is to bring about a radical shift in how we hold conflict as a community. In addition to holding space for conflict, our project includes research, teaching, implementing Circles in different schools, public presentations and interactions, large-scale events, experiments, testimonials, and more.

Restorative Auroville is an initiative of Joy Living Learning, a Unit of the Auroville Foundation.


Our Aims & Objectives:

  • to co-create a Justice System in Auroville that reflects our values and is effective
  • to continue to raise awareness in Auroville about Restorative Circles
  • to have a functioning Restorative System where people can call live Circles and a critical mass understands how the process works
  • to train a large number of people and to have potential Facilitators across the community (in different neighbourhoods, Working Groups, schools, Units, Services, etc)
  • to understand what is unique about Auroville and how to engage with RC in ways that suit our needs and ideals
  • to contribute to more ease and efficiency in resolving conflicts (increased goodwill, creativity, and inclusion instead of exclusion)
  • to contribute towards a cultural shift in understanding conflict, its potential for transformation, and the need to take responsibility for our actions
  • to contribute to restoring trust, communication and harmony amongst Aurovilians
  • to potentially be an example for other communities seeking to improve their peace and justice systems

Our work, inside-out...


Restorative Auroville Research Project (2015-17)
...from our Archives

In September 2015, we applied for a 1-year grant to support our Research Project to bring Restorative Circles to Auroville and to start exploring the possibilities of developing a Restorative Justice System here.

 Project Proposal

 6-month Report

 1-year Report

Justice & Restorative Circles in Auroville