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Cross-Cultural Dialogue: Discrimination in Auroville

In response to the recent claim of discrimination against some in the Tamil community in Auroville, we are hosting a 2-day Cross-Cultural Dialogue. We offer a space to explore this topic further and to have a deep sharing about our experiences and pain, as well as our felt sense of togetherness and aspiration to manifest Human Unity.

With this Dialogue, our intention is not to prove facts or experiences, but instead to hold a space for deep listening, where everybody’s voice can be heard and respected, so that as a community we can better understand the complexities of our cross-cultural relations.

We sincerely believe that if we can come together with a willingness to dialogue, we have the potential to reach a place of renewed understanding and trust. We hope to end with creative action agreements, so as to support our collective to live more harmoniously together.

We filmed this event, and our documentary will come out soon...! Stand by!


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Feelings of discrimination surfaced after two Tamil members of the Working Committee were not given proximity passes for the Prime Minister's visit on February 24th. This led to a rift within the Working Committee, and the debate spilled over into the larger community. The Auroville Council, asked by many members of the community to look into the matter of feelings of discrimination, called for a Restorative Circle to support the Working Committee to work through some of their internal dynamics. In addition, Restorative Auroville also organized a Cross-Cultural Dialogue on the topic of discrimination. L'aura reports.

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