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Women for Justice

To be scheduled in 2019…
In collaboration with Auroville Village Action Group and Nimisha Desai, founder of the NGO "Olakh" (Gujarat), we will present a documentary about Nimisha’s work with women’s justice. The film will be translated live into Tamil, and followed by a Q&A session with Nimisha. Additional workshops will also be organized, geared especially towards women and youth from the bioregion.


A Story About The Power of Solidarity (53 minutes)
[with live Tamil translation and English subtitles]

Synopsis: Violence against women is omnipresent and nearly all women, independent of class, caste and religion are affected. Because police and justice hardly give any protection or aid, women have organized to fight against this violence and injustice. In Gujarat, they founded the “Women for Justice” and the “Nari Adalat” women’s courts. Every week they gather on the roof terrace of the local government or under a tree and dispense justice themselves. With quick-wittedness and creativity they put beating husbands and quarrelsome mother-in-laws in their place. And – if necessary – they go in as a “heavy squad” to help a poor widow, who was thrown out of the house with her little daughter after the death of her husband, to regain her belongings.

All are welcome, women and men, girls and boys!

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