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Building an RC Yurt

With our work growing, it’s high-time that we build a physical structure for our RC gatherings. We’re hoping to raise Rs.5 lakhs in order to set up a dismountable yurt.

In our first 3 years, we hosted almost 30 live Circles, and each time we were faced with the challenge of finding a suitable meeting space. As we don’t have a budget for this work, we tried our best to find spaces that were available for free, and oftentimes we’d end up sitting in L’aura’s living room -- which is cozy, but not workable as a long-term professional space.

We’d like to create a space that’s more neutral, and that’s designed to accommodate about 30-40 people sitting in a circle.


In the context of today’s Auroville, we think a dismountable and moveable structure would be the best. We visited a yurt built by Jean-Marc, and we loved its circular design. We’d like to set up a similar yurt, possibly in Centre Field next to L’aura’s house.

The estimated cost to put up this yurt is Rs.5 lakhs, and we’re looking for financial support. If you’re inspired by our project and would like to help, we welcome your contributions you can donate here.

Please know that any amount is greatly appreciated.

We look forward to providing a new space for community growth.

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