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"Restoring Connection & Building Bridges – Tamil Aurovilian Journeys" (Printed Publication)

In an international township like Auroville, where many different people come together, it seems inevitable that at times disconnect arises due to different cultural backgrounds. At the moment we are facing a strong disconnect that needs to be held with care by the community. In early 2018, some incidents occurred that put the topic of discrimination firmly on the Auroville agenda. Especially Tamil Aurovilians, who represent one-third of the Auroville population, have expressed feelings of exclusion and rejection.

Claims of discrimination are complicated as they are based on subjective experience, felt rather than seen or heard. For the community to be aware of the intricacies of this topic, we need to focus on stories of individual Aurovilians, on their personal narratives and history. Stories allow for closeness, mutual understanding, and empathy, as they connect the reader directly to the experience of the storyteller. As such, Restorative Auroville is creating a magazine of 30-40 interviews with Tamil Aurovilians who speak about their personal histories, their connection to Auroville, and their experiences of exclusion. For every interview, a special portrait is made.

The Tamil community in Auroville is very varied and does not have a unified voice on these topics. The magazine represents this diversity, giving a platform to those who we are used to hear from, as well as those who are less outspoken. It is important to us that we attempt to mirror a mix of stories and opinions, as we are looking to reduce stereotypes – there is no ‘Tamil community’ speaking. Instead, there are individuals who are our brothers and sisters in the Auroville community, with a wide variety of experiences.

We hope to print and distribute in early 2019. In the event that enough funds are raised, 500 copies will be given out for free in the community.

If you’re inspired by our project and would like to help, we welcome your contributions you can donate here.

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