Our Circles

Below you'll find an interactive database of the live Circles that we have facilitated from 2016 onwards. You can view the information by year, or zoom out and view all years at a glance. The information provided remains relatively basic, in order to care for the intimacy of each Circle.



The Complete Circle

An example of a Circle's complete process over time, from Pre-Circle to Post-Circle.

The Circle Process

A Restorative Circle (RC) is a community process designed to hold space for those in conflict.

Circle Number

Our Circles are recorded chronologically, so the number indicates this order over time. The highest number also indicates our total number of completed Circles (from 2016 onwards).


Indicates when the 1st Pre-Circle took place with the Circle Initiator, the person calling the Circle. (For simplicity, the dates of the consecutive Pre-Circles with the remaining Circle members are not indicated.)

The size of the outer bounds indicates the number of people who were named (to be invited to the Circle), whereas the inner bounds indicates the actual number of people who attended the Circle process.


Indicates when the Circle took place (sometimes in multiple meetings) and its size (number of people who attended the Circle process).


Indicates when the Post-Circle(s) took place and its size (number of people who attended the Circle process).


When you hover over the graphics, a pop-up appears with additional information about each Circle: a word-cloud with key words from the Circle’s Act and Action Agreements, the dates for when the Circle(s) took place, as well as how many people were named and how many attended the Circle process).