Our Restorative System in Auroville

Conflict is a natural, inevitable part of living together, and Auroville is no exception. Koodam, Auroville’s conflict resolution platform, has already done so much to bring about a shift in conflict resolution, and yet we believe we still have a long way to go before we are really able, as a community, to deal with our conflicts in ways that are healthy, effective, sustainable and life-serving.

For Restorative Circles to be fully effective on a community-level, we need to explore it in more depth and to understand our resistance (both as human beings in general, but also as Aurovilians aspiring to build a city of human unity) to using processes such as these.

We need to start questioning our very system and re-evaluate how we want to respond to justice as a larger community. The next step needed is to take a deeper and wider look at our present situation in Auroville, which is complex and doesn’t always allow for an easy resolution to our challenges. Restorative Circles, in its design and nature, is a process that works on several levels, and it aims at bringing about a shift on a systemic level. It invites us to re-evaluate how we think about conflict, how we can invite people to take responsibility for their actions, and how we can support healing and rebuilding trust in our communities. It’s a process that includes all layers of the community, and it invites us to co-create a justice system that works for us.

On a practical level, Restorative Circles also offers large-scale training, additional skills for conflict transformation, a large pool of available Facilitators, willingness amongst community members to participate in Circles if called upon, and increased awareness about the importance of consciously choosing a justice system for the growth and development of a community.

"Create Auroville Together: Restorative Circles"

Public presentation at Unity Pavilion, Auroville (2017)

Part 1

Part 2