Hélène Gagnon

I was born and grew up in Montreal City, Quebec (the French-speaking part of Canada). After studying pure sciences at college I started to study and practice painting and engraving. In parallel I started to look inside myself, trying to understand who I was and what happiness was.

It has been a long journey that brought me in 2004 to Pondicherry where I stayed 6 years connected with Sri Aurobindo Ashram in order to get a deeper connection with Mother and Sri Aurobindo. In 2010 I moved to Auroville working in Matrimandir Access, facilitating "Play of painting" sessions with children and adults, and starting a new housing project in which I faced many conflicts.

In 2015 I took a Restorative Circles workshop and I was amazed by what was possible, how deep transformation could be if we were sincere and willing to enter into it. I joined the team, learned and practised the fundamental principles of RC and his many aspects. It has been an important growing time for me, l learned to listen to others and deal with conflicts, to open more my understanding and my heart to others. I found it was helping people to discover some parts of themselves that they were not aware of. RC can be a personal transformation process as well as a community transformation process based on being honest, listening and accepting each other and their differences. Not to ignore conflict is so important for being able to live human unity in oneself as well as in a community.