Janet Fearn

In 1967 I left my job in Toronto, Canada as a psychiatric social worker, and bought an around the world plane ticket. I spent several months travelling in India, and arrived in Pondicherry by chance in June of 1968, four months after the inauguration of Auroville. I stayed in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram until September and then moved to Auroville, which at the time was an eroded, barren plateau with a few impoverished villages and less than ten people from other parts of the world who had come to build the new city.

Over the next 40+ years I did several kinds of work from planting trees and working at the Matrimandir in the early days to running a handicraft workshop, and later a guesthouse. I was also on several different Auroville Councils, where I became more aware of Auroville’s need for better communication skills, and the tools to resolve conflict.

I heard about Restorative Circles in 2010 from L’aura (my daughter) and Jason after they returned from a workshop in the US with Dominic Barter and immediately saw its potential for Auroville. Since that time I have been part of the team working with L’aura to make the practice better understood in Auroville, and helping as a co-facilitator in many Circles.