Kati Hötger

I was born, raised and educated in Germany.

Based in the city of Köln (Cologne) for 44 years, I made my professional career as a director for documentaries and was active in building up a cooperative, independent film culture in Germany. After 25 years of filmmaking my personal change came about by attending a training in conflict resolution and civil peace service. I was very inspired by this intense learning over several months, and felt immediately how it met my longing to contribute to society and community on a deeper human level. Two long-term assignments in (post-)conflict countries (3 years in Sri Lanka and 18 months in Georgia/Central Asia) proved that I was on the right track.

Learning and implementing Restorative Circles with L'aura and the Restorative Auroville team is another milestone in my never-ending learning process. I feel blessed that I can join our steps towards a justice system for Auroville, where connection is more important than punishment.