L'aura Joy

I was born and raised in Auroville, and life has lead me to work with nonviolence, peace and justice. I went to university to become a high school teacher and proceeded to teach for 6 years (3 in Canada, 3 in Auroville). But I somehow didn’t find this work as fulfilling as I had expected, so I quit, not knowing what was coming next. In 2007, I serendipitously ended up in a Nonviolent Communication workshop, and this was the beginning of a new passion and career.

A little while later, a friend told me about Dominic Barter’s work (hyperlink: www.restorativecircles.org) and that “he was bringing Nonviolent Communication to prisons.” Although I had no formal connection to the world of crime and justice, I was immediately inspired and decided to attend a Restorative Circles training with Dominic in Atlanta, USA in October 2010. What I discovered was a whole new paradigm, and an absolutely transformative perspective into conflict and community.

Given my NVC background and having grown up and lived most of my life in community, engaging with Restorative Circles felt like a natural next step – immersing myself and applying these principles into a dynamic, living system. I couldn’t have found a more meaningful way to give back to Auroville.