Originally from the north of India, I grew up in Pondicherry at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram School. I graduated in Political Science and International Relations and then studied Peace and Conflict. To better understand the ground realities of conflict, I volunteered in Jammu and Kashmir, India where I was able to understand a little bit of its complexity. I found myself lacking in skills to participate in any resolution.

In my search for meaningful engagements with conflicts I came to Auroville, hoping to learn new ways to manage conflicts at the ‘City of Dawn’. When I heard about mediating through restorative circles I was naturally drawn to its attitude towards conflict, as a natural phenomenon that needs understanding. I have been an apprentice at Restorative Auroville since October 2017 and have learnt deeply about how to engage with conflict. During my time as a volunteer, I’ve assisted in circles, helped organize events like the Walk of Hope and Cross-cultural dialogue. I’m convinced that the principles of Restorative circles are the way forward to greater understanding and lasting harmony.