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Taking RC to Units, Schools and Residential Communities

In our aim to bring about a cultural shift in Auroville in how we engage with conflict, we’re taking RC and its principles to the Units, schools and residential communities. Our experience of living and working in community is that it can be challenging at times, as we can get stuck in our differences and disagreements. It can be difficult to handle such situations, and even with the best of intentions, we can experience disconnection and widening communication gaps.

This initiative aims to inform and empower members of the community so that when conflict or misunderstanding arises they are better equipped to manage it. Auroville’s Conflict Resolution Policy includes Restorative Circles as a process available to the community. Nonetheless, we have found that we can do more to make people aware of this process and its potential.

Restorative Auroville offers RC as a safe space for holding difficult conversations through the process of reflective listening. It’s designed to share power in the community and can potentially be facilitated by anyone. When people are better informed about the process they can use it to its fullest. We hope that:

  • People can make informed choices for managing misunderstandings in the community.
  • Those who are ‘named’ would be more willing to participate and engage.
  • Some members of the community will be inspired to become Facilitators.

Units, schools and residential communities that are willing to engage with us would receive a series of workshops and trainings. Once they are familiar with RC and its principles we could co-create a system that would meet the needs of their internal Unit, community or school.

Currently, we are sharing RC in Aikiyam School, one of Auroville’s outreach schools for children from Kindergarten to 8th Grade. After discussions with the administration and teachers of the school, a group of ten teachers have committed to learn about this process. It has been met with enthusiasm and curiosity, and we look forward to seeing how we can co-create an RC System for the school. The school has an overwhelming majority of teachers who are originally from the bioregion, and we are looking forward to seeing how they can adapt it to their cultural context.

You can join us in taking this to other Units, schools and residential communities by reaching out or volunteering with us!

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