"The Power of Dialogue"

We offer this video series as an opportunity for you to journey along with our journey. Restorative Circles is still very new to the world, and learning material and resources are somewhat limited. So here’s our attempt to celebrate this body of work and to offer back a few nuggets from our unfolding journey.

Our big dream is to one day film an entire live Restorative Circle. It’s an intimate and delicate space, and so we’re crossing our fingers that sooner or later a group will be comfortable with the idea of being filmed… Would you like this Circle to be yours?

1. The Craft

↪ a learning resource to highlight the RC process in its different steps and stages

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2. In Action

↪ touching “live” moments from different stages of real Circles that have been called in the community

Before entering a Restorative Circle, Facilitators meet amongst themselves to work through any challenging thoughts or feelings that might interfere with their capacity to hold space during the Circle. Eugénie Dumont (Genie), in her role as filmmaker, is also given an opportunity to be heard for her connection to the Circle.

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3. The Restorative System

↪ engaging with RC as a System and highlighting the need to talk about the meaning of justice and conflict in our community

L'aura shares about her experience of engaging with Restorative Circles in Auroville and how it's received by the community.

L'aura shares about her experience of engaging with Restorative Circles in Auroville and the importance of designing a justice system consciously, otherwise we'll just inherit the old ways.

Kati shares her recent learning regarding the importance of bringing an authentic live act to a Circle, instead of simply having an 'interesting' topic as the starting point.

Henrike shares her thoughts on learning RC and how it invites for growth, as individuals and as a collective.

Pranjal reflects on how Circles can impact the community in unexpected ways, even when some folks choose not to attend.

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4. Experiences

↪ community members talk about their experience being in live Circles

Surya shares about her experiences with Restoratives Circles.

Pranjal reflects on his learning journey with RC facilitation, and appreciates how the skills he has acquired here can provide for a strong foundation in holding space in different contexts.

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