Volunteer & Apprentice

In order for this work to develop fully in Auroville, we need more ambassadors who are willing to play with us: to do the research, the teaching, the experimenting, and so much more…

Here are some ways in which you could support:

  • Become an Apprentice with Restorative Auroville's Team of Facilitators.
  • Support with facilitating Pre-Circles (and eventually Circles).
  • Translate some of our RC material into other languages.
  • Support in growing our Tamil-language resources: printed material, raising awareness in the community, leveraging Tamil-speaking Facilitators, etc.
  • "Teach" or share the RC craft with others (workshop setting, or practice group, or individual coaching, etc).
  • Design additional resources/material (training material, or community pamphlets, etc).
  • Support in making a feature film of a live Circle.
  • Support in fundraising and building an RC-Yurt, so that Auroville can have a dedicated space for Circles.
  • Support in organizing community-wide events that raise awareness about RC and justice in Auroville and the bioregion.

Or… do you have any other great skills and/or simple willingness to offer…?

Volunteer Form

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