Pranjal  ○  Fri, April 12, 2019

A poem inspired by a 2-day Restorative Circles workshop and my regular engaging with RC for 18 months during which I learned to facilitate Circles. The poem attempts to capture my understanding of the RC process and its key component – reflective listening. ~ by Pranjal

Listen, please listen.
To him, to her, to them, to us.
To you.

Now pause…

Listen to him.
Ask her to listen to him like the mirror –
“Did the mirror get you?”
Check with him.
Now listen to the silence of being heard.
Do you feel Ease slide in unheard?
Now reverse. Now repeat.

Listen, please listen.
To him, to her, to them, to us.
Not to you.

The noise in your head recedes.
The churning of reflection proceeds.
The mirrors reflect
Individuals connect.

A deeper unfolding occurs.
As reflections settle,
Concealed truths now reveal;
Listen to them offered so tenderly,
Listen to them wash over soothingly.

Listen to the silence of understanding,
The silence of speaking eyes,
Of receptive hearts beat.
Listen to the cathartic restoring.

Listen to their being
Be with their being.
Be, in the listening.

~ by Pranjal